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Designer Radiators Are Trending in 2019

Designer Radiators Are Trending in 2019

Gone are the days when interior designers were trying to conceal radiators behind shields or at least pick white and boring radiators that wouldn’t clash with colour scheme of the rest of the room. Now with so many interesting designer radiators available on the market, a radiator can become a focal point of the room and there’s no need to hide it anywhere.

The main trend of 2019 are vertical radiators and ones in bold colour choices. The going colour schemes of 2019 are ice-cream pastels, metallic paint and coral. The latter has been recognised by Pantone – an authority in home design who pick the Colour of the Year every year to encourage people to be more bold with their interior design. The winner is being picked every year since 2000 and whoever is picking those colours has a special love for reds/oranges and cool blues/greens.

Colour of the year for 2019 – Living Coral or hex code #FF6F61 is not a very bold choice, nevertheless it’s a welcome distraction from the usual white and magnolia that most interior designers employ. Designer radiators painted in Living Coral may add an interesting accent to your room, especially if you decide to splash around other tones of pastels.

There is a special heat-resistant and moisture-resistant paint that can be applied to radiators or towel rails. If painting your heating elements doesn’t sound like the way to go, you can stick with the usual colour schemes which  usually include anthracite, white and chrome. The anthracite option in matte finish is a special favourite amongst our customers. Dark coloured radiators with a pleasant satin surface adds a nice feel to the room and permits experimenting with other bold interior elements.

The main feature of these new radiators is their tube profile. If you look at them, it’s a big move away from the boxy old type of radiators that were… well, just a white box hung on the wall. Among the designer radiators trending in 2019 is the oval tube profile. You can have those either as horizontal and vertical setup. Both look stunning but it is the vertical ones that are really breaking out and selling big.

Prices range from £70 to £1,200 so there is plenty to choose from for anybody. The main thing to pay attention when shopping for these designer items is the panel size. Make sure your new purchase fits the space. Even though it might be a status piece, placing a massive radiator on a small wall is going to put the whole room out of balance.
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