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Underfloor Heating is more efficient compared to conventional radiators. that require the water to be heated to 70 degrees. UFH works on lower temperatures of 45 degrees helping you save on energy costs.

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Underfloor Heating Types

There are numerous types of UFH depending on the floor type in your house. The 8 main types are listed here for your reference. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Tacker Panel System (Screeded Floor)

Clip & Rail System (Screeded Floor)

Staple System (Screeded Floor)

Plate System Underfloor Heating (Joisted Floor)

Dry Screed Mix System (Joisted Floor)

15mm Slim Board (Solid Existing Floor)

20mm Floating System (Solid Existing Floor)

15mm Slim Clip System (Solid Existing Floor)