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What You Need To Know About Grundfos Central Heating Pump

Grundfos Central Heating Pump

What You Need To Know About Grundfos Central Heating Pump

It is important for responsible homeowners to understand their central heating system and most have a cursory knowledge of their boiler and radiators.

However, one key part of this system that many people don’t even know about is the central heating pump.

Grundfos central heating pumps are industry standard, so we’ve put together a quick primer containing everything you need to know about the Grundfos central heating pump.

What Does A Grundfos Central Heating Pump Do?

The central heating pump does exactly one thing – it pumps hot water around your central heating system.

It can usually be found on or near your boiler. This is normally in the airing cupboard, but boiler and pump placement can vary due to available space.

The central heating pump takes hot water in through its inlet valve and pumps it through the pipes and radiators, which in turn heat the rooms. This also forces the cooled water through the system and back to the boiler where it can be reheated.

Grundfos Central Heating Pump

Speed Settings On Grundfos Central Heating Pump

Grundfos central heating pump comes with adjustable speed settings. Which setting you need depends on the size of your home and the number of radiators.

The slowest setting is suitable for homes with less than 10 radiators. This is recommended as this is the most energy efficient setting. However, if this is too slow for your system it loses this efficiency as the water cools too much before returning to the boiler, increasing the boiler burn time and heating time.

The fastest setting is intended for large homes. Unless this is necessary it is not recommended as it is less efficient and can cause wear and failures due to excess pressure in the system.

It is usually best to let someone qualified decide on the best speed setting for you.

Problems With Central Heating Pumps

While most boilers fitted today use Grundfos pumps as they are both cheap and reliable, older boilers may be fitted with a Wilo pump. These can be unreliable at times and typically need replacing.

Grundfos pumps, on the other hand, typically last 15-20 years before needing a replacement or repair.

If you are having problems with your central heating pump, then locate the unit and check that it is running – if it is, it will be vibrating and may be warm (but not hot!) to the touch.

If it isn’t running, then you will need to get someone out to service it. It may be a stuck valve or something else trivial, in which case a gentle knock can get it going again, but the problem will persist until it is services.

If it is running but it is making odd noises, it could be the airlock. On Grundfos pumps there is a bleeding valve that you can gently turn to let any air out, though be careful as there will be some spillages.

Any other problems will require a professional to fix, though with Grundfos central heating pumps selling for less than £100 at the moment it shouldn’t be a costly fix.

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