Calmag Magnetic Scale Reducer 15mm

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Product Description

The CalMag magnetic scale inhibitor is suitable for installation on cold water lines for the prevention of limescale formation. We sell CalMag scale reducers in two sizes: 15mm and 22mm.

The Calmag magnetic scale reducer stops limescale from building up around boiler heating elements by using a magnetic field.

Unlike electrolytic scale reducers that require a battery to operate, this magnetic scale reducer works without an external power source and it can be used on individual appliances, hence why it’s the preferred solution for protecting a boiler from limescale buildup.

Why use a Magnetic Scale Reducer?

Using a magnetic scale reducer with your gas boiler installation can help to prevent limescale buildup.

In hard water areas, limescale formation is a particular problem. Left untreated, limescale buildup can reduce energy efficiency, increase the cost of household bills, and damage any appliances that use water.

A magnetic scale reducer uses a magnetic field to stop limescale from building up around heating elements, shower heads and even inside your boiler!

While electrolytic scale reducers use a small battery to promote Argonite formation over Calcite, these types of scale reducers are only suitable for whole home prevention. Magnetic scale reducers work on individual appliances, offering specific protection for the appliances you most need to protect.

Reducing limescale build up and weakening the limescale that does form is crucial when it comes to protecting appliances such as a gas boiler. Our scale inhibitors come in two sizes – 15mm and 22mm. They quickly pay for themselves by helping you to avoid costly repairs and more frequent maintenance.

The savings don’t stop there, either. Limescale buildup can have a massive effect on the energy efficiency of your boiler, so fitting a magnetic scale reducer not only saves you money on repairs, but also on your household bills – all while keeping your carbon footprint as small as possible.


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