Drayton Digistat 2 RF – Wireless Thermostat

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Product Description

Drayton Digistat 2 RF is a 24 hour wireless programmable room thermostat that offers an easy solution for upgrading your central heating system.

Why choose Drayton Digistat 2

It is suitable for different types of central heating installations. Convenient and simple operation with 3 on/off modes per 24-hour period. Set it up and forget about it – the thermostat will run its preset modes on daily basis. Unlike some other similar products, this gadget has a long range of operation – you can finally place the thermostat in the room where you actually want to measure the temperature – it won’t matter as long as the unit is not placed further than 30 metres from the receiver unit.

Both transmitter and receiver are included in the price, which we believe is one of the best prices on Drayton thermostat out there. Enjoy further discounts if you buy 3 or more items.

Comes with clear instructions and very easy to install. Instant linkup and a nice big backlit display to assist with setup and operation. If your current thermostat is playing up, consider Drayton as a hassle-free replacement.

  • Ideal for all heating systems
  • 3 pre-defined programmes
  • Automatic summer/winter time change
  • Typical operating range 30m

Set on and off time slots that fit your homelife. The manufacturer recommends to carry out experiments to find the minimum room temperature that still feels comfortable and then set the Drayton Digistat to this found setting.

With this type of thermostat and a central heating comprising of a boiler and radiators, you won’t be able to set up different temperature zones throughout your house, that why we suggest you place the transmitter unit in the room that better represents the average temperature in your house. For example, if you place it in the kitchen, where the temperature is naturally higher, your other rooms will end up colder because Drayton will base its signal on the warmer temperature of your kitchen. For more information, download Drayton’s user manual here.

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