Direct Unvented Hot Water Cylinder – Prostel C

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This direct cylinder has been carefully developed and built in the UK to match high standards. Water is heated inside the cylinder directly using 3kW incoloy immersion heaters. Cylinders with capacity of more than 120 liters come with two incoloy immersion heaters.

A direct unvented hot water cylinder is used in properties where other heating sources are not available. This unit is very efficient featuring 50mm insulation and a flat base to improve stability. The build quality is second to non – superior duplex stainless steel with butt welding to ensure long life.

RM Prostel are easy to install and inexpensive to operate. This is a hot water cylinder with immersion heater using modern technologies ensuring efficient water heating for domestic purposes.

As this is a requirement from building regulations, all immersion heaters are fitted with a thermal cut-out system to prevent unlikely overheating. This is on top of a regular thermostat, so you can say these cylinders have a double protection in place.

Electric supply to each incoloy element must be via a fused double pole switch that adheres to BS3456 standards. This unit will have to be fitted by a qualified Part P electrician.

All connections are achieved through standard 22mm compression fittings making sure these cylinders are compatible with a wide range of equipment.

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