Salus Wireless Thermostat – RT310RF

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Product Description

The RT310RF is the replacement for the highly successful RT300RF. Along with all the existing features it comes with some exciting new features.

Can be used for volt free and 230V applications.

Thermostat Supply: 2xAA Batteries
Receiver (Rx) Supply: 230Vac 50Hz
Rx Rating Max: 16 (5) A SPST
Rx Input/Output: 0 – 230V
Thermostat Scale: 5 – 35?C
Thermostat Size: W-96 H-96 D-27
Receiver Size: W-130 H-95 D-65


RF Receiver Wiring

L Live connection
N Neutral connection
COM Input
NO Switched output


  • Sleep Mode
  • Frost Protection
  • Desk Stand
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Simple Operation
  • Frequency 868 MHz with 30 metre range

New Features

  • Pre-Paired for “Plug and Play”
  • 16 amp Switching receiver
  • Contemporary design
  • RF Test Function
  • Easy Installation

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