Wisemans Everad Concentrated Corrosion Inhibitor 500ml


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From the manufacturers of the world famous Everflux. Everad provides Life Long protection. Prevents Rust, Scale, Electrolytic corrosion and Bacteria in Central Heating Installations. Safe to use, Non Acid and environmentally safe. Prevents pin holing and microbiological growth. Complies with the latest E.U. inspection standards using the special ‘peel off and apply’ side label to mark the system when Everad® CI has been added.

Why Use Heating System Inhibitor?

Taking proper care of your central heating system is of vital importance if you want to avoid costly repairs, permanent damage to key components and – worst of all – the radiators staying stubbornly cold during a big freeze.

Luckily, you can go a long way to preventing central heating failures by using the right chemicals.

Heating system inhibitor is a liquid chemical mixture that goes directly in to the central heating system. Without this liquid, the water inside the pipes in your home can cause rust damage. Central heating corrosion inhibitor is designed to prevent this, as well as halting the build up of sludge and scale within the system.

Running your central heating without the chemicals added is like running your car without motor oil – you could be doing serious damage to your pipes, radiators, and even your boiler!

It is becoming more and more important to perform proper maintenance on home heating systems as more expensive components such as aluminium heat exchangers become the industry standard.

Using heating system inhibitor is the cheapest and most effective way stop damage to these expensive components at the source, saving you money on costly repairs and helping you to avoid those cold, sleepless nights after the boiler has packed in.

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As far as central heating corrosion inhibitors are concerned, Everad is probably one of the best. Definitely does what is expected of it and keeps the installed boilers complacent with warranty requirements. I wouldn’t install a boiler without applying inhibitor to the heating system.

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