Worcester Greenstar Magnetic System Filter 22mm 7733600236

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Protect your heating system with this Worcester Greenstar System Filter. Lots of research and testing have gone into creating this Worcester filter helping you to protect the system from pollutants and debris catching them timely before they get a chance to damage the boiler or radiators.

Main Worcester filter features:

  • Helps prolong your boiler’s lifespan
  • Optimise system running costs as proven by a research carried out by Gastec
  • Improve efficiency of your central heating installation
  • Both magnetic and non-magnetic circuits to catch almost every type of debris
  • Flexible installation location – under the boiler, overhead or even remotely as long as it’s on return circulation branch between the last radiator and boiler
  • Don’t worry about damaging the thread – this filter comes with a mechanism that prevents overtightening thus protecting the o-ring seal and helping you avoid leaks
  • Easy to add system chemicals thanks to a one-way valve
  • Easily detachable for when a powerflush or system service is due
  • Convenient drainage orifice
  • Easy-to-use isolation valves
  • Simple design with no additional energy source needed
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty

Worcester Greenstar System Filter is compatible with a long list of approved heat pumps, combi boilers, oil boilers and other systems. Give us a call if you’re not sure.

It works by applying a highly-charged magnet that can capture an amazin volume of magnetic debris. When it comes to cleaning or replacing the filter, you will be surprised how much debris your central heating system actually contains. This product comes in two sizes: 22mm and also 28mm filter. The smaller version can capture 300g while the bigger version can capture half a kilogram of contaminants.

Part number for design reference: 7733600236

Its compact size of just 209 by 180 mm makes it easy to install even in tight spaces underneath a boiler. Package dimensions: 232 x 226 x 206 mm

Don’t hesitate – increase your boiler’s lifespan and reduce the heating system’s running costs by installing Worcester Greenstar System Filter. A central heating boiler is a relatively big investment and you expect it to last and work efficiently for at least 10 years. Boiler installers should know that by opting for a Worcester filter with a new boiler install, you may qualify for an extended boiler warranty because the boiler is predicted to have a longer lifespan.

When it comes to servicing the filter and you get to see the amount of sludge that comes out, you are going to be thankful you installed a Worcester!

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I’m glad I installed this. The amount of stuff that comes out of the filter is just unbelievable!

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Watch this video to learn how to properly install a Worcester filter to protect your boiler. These instructions have been put together to show how Worcester Greenstar System Filter works and how to install it according to manufacturer's specifications. You can watch the whole series of manufacturer's videos here covering all aspects of installing and servicing Worcester filters. Downloads: Click here for the specs document.